Star outline charm

Size Guide

What's life without a little charm? Add our favourite star charm to our everyday maxi and midi hoops or your favourite classic chain.

Material: 14 k gold fill

Size: 10mm

What is 14 k gold fill?
Gold-fill is the process of heat bonding a base metal (usually brass) to gold. The amount of gold used needs to be at least 5% of the weight of the product to be considered gold-filled. 14 k refers to the karat of gold used. Gold-filled jewelry is the closest you can get to the durability of real gold. With proper love and care, your gold-filled pieces will last for years. Read our care guide here.
How is it different from gold-plating?
Dipping vs heat bonding. In gold-plating or electroplating, the jewellery (base metal) is dipped in a bath and coated with a thin layer of gold. In Gold fill, the base metal is heat bonded with a percentage of gold. This heat bonding delivers longevity and durability
Which is better?
Depends. Gold-filled is our pick for everyday classic pieces. Gold-plated jewellery is great for statement/occasion pieces specifically in gemstones.
Is gold-filled jewellery water safe ?
Yes, it’s shower safe. Please keep away from pools, perfumes, hot springs, chemicals, and sanitizers.  Read our care guide here.